Solid carved green jade bangle - Style with substance and staying power, our jade bangle bracelet is the kind of everlasting design you can count on for years to come. Slips on easily and goes with most anything. excellent quality,  watery luster, smooth finish.


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    1. Stone: Genuine Jadeite Jade.
    2. Inner Diameter: 57.1mm.
    3. Outer Diameter: 70.9mm.
    4. Width: 14.0mm.
    5. Shape & Cut: Oblate,
    6. Color: Green.
    7. Transparency: Transparent.
    8. Jade Tone: Medium-Dark.
    9. Jade Finish: High Polish.
    10. Quality of the Jade: Excellent.
    11. Watery Luster. Smooth Finish. 

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